USB-RS232 Serial Cable

Introduction of USB-RS232 Serial Cable:

USB to serial port is the realization of computer USB interface to universal serial port conversion.Provide fast access to computers without a serial port, and using a USB to a serial device turns a traditional serial device into a plug and play USB device.
As the most widely used USB interface, one of the essential communication interfaces for every computer, its biggest feature is to support hot plug and play.
The transmission speed is fast.For most engineers, the main obstacles to developing a USB2.0 interface are facing the complex USB2.0 protocol, writing their own USB device drivers, and being familiar with single-chip programming.
This requires not only considerable VC programming experience, but also the ability to write USB interface hardware (firmware) programs.So most people gave up on developing their own USB products.
To simplify complex problems, you can use the USB to serial port module.This module can be viewed as a USB2.0 protocol converter that converts the USB2.0 interface of a computer into a transparent parallel bus, just like the MCU bus.

Pinouts of Utech USB-RS232 Model Cable:


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