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USB-RS232 Serial Cable
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RS-232 Introduction



Product Introduction:

RS232 is a commonly used serial device, which is generally used for data transmission in the field of communication and human-computer interaction. Although the serial port system is more complex than the parallel
port system, it requires less data line than the parallel port system in data transmission, so it is more efficient.RS232 only needs 3 data transmission lines to complete the data transmission.These three wires are used for “sending data”, “receiving data” and signal grounding wire respectively.

In this connection, the send and receive lines are used to send and receive data between computers.As its name suggests, the data is transmitted in serial mode.There are two pins TXD and RXD.There are other pins such as RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR and RTS, RI.”1″ and “0” are defined as two different voltage classes: 3V to 15V and -3v to -15v.

Based on the electrical characteristics of the standard serial port, the EIA (electronic industry association) has set its maximum baud rate at 20000bps, which is much slower than the current standard.Therefore, we chose the recently released rs-232d standard.

Product Application:

It is suitable for mobile phone, tablet PC, Modem, ISDN-TA, barcode scanner, PDA, label printer, numerical control machine, cutting plotter, cluster telephone, serial switch, industrial serial equipment, intelligent serial equipment and other serial equipment.

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