customized usb to rs232 converter wire end cable with RX/TX/GND
6ft FTDI Chipset USB to DC2.5mm Control Programming Cable

Utech FTDI Chip 1.5meter CNC Controls Programming Cable

Model No: YT-URS232-DB25(FTDI Chipset)


Utech FTDI Chip 1.5meter CNC Controls Programming Cable

Product Description:

This is Utech USB to RS-232 interface adapter cable. No external power supply needed. Compatible with USB and RS-232 standards. It is capable to perform the conversion from single-ended USB signal into UART signal of RS-232. DB25 male connector is used for connection from RS-232 interface. The unique I/O circuit of the internal zero delay auto transceiver contained in the converter controls the data stream direction automatically. The converter is plug-and-play. This cable will work for computer USB to a CNC using XON/XOFF software handshaking. RTS and CTS signals are jumped out. It works with most of Fanuc and Mitsubishi based CNC controls.

Product Features:

1. 1.5m or 1.8m industrial grade USB to RS232(DB25 Male) adapter cable.

2. It is an ideal solution for computer to communicate with many serial devices directly through USB port such as CNC, plotter, modem, Scanner etc.

3. This product is designed to make connection between USB port and serial devices(RS232), not parallel printer or other devices based on parallel protocal(IEEE-1284), even though both have DB25 connector. Check your devices setup prior to purchase.

4. Works with USB 1.1 & 2.0 Host and Hub ports. Powered directly by USB port, no external power adapter required.

5. Industry Standard FTDI chip set & device drivers to ensure maximum compatibility and superior reliability for industrial application.