USB 2.0 to Serial Cable adater with FTDI chipset with thumbscrews connectors
USB to TTL 232R FTDI 5V Serial Converter Cable 6Pin Header

USB to TTL converter cable 3.3v with 6-Pin Header

Model No: YT-TTL01(TTL-232R-3V3)


USB to TTL converter cable 3.3V with 6-Pin Header

Product Description:

USB to TTL converter cable with a 6-pin header connector incorporates FTDI’s FT232RL chip handling all signaling and protocols.The cables interface provides a simple and fast way to connector to devices with TTL level serial interfaces.

The converter cable’s electronics are molded into the USB end of the cable providing baud rate speeds from 300 baud to 3M baud and 3.3 volts power.

Product Features:

1. Incorporates FTDI FT232RL chip set.

2. 6ft. long cable length.

3. USB 2.0 compliant enabling 300 baud up to 3M baud.

4. 6-pin header connector providing 3.3 volts of power.

5. Provides standard TTL pin out: GND (Blk/1), CTS (Brown/2), VCC(red/3), TXD (orange/4), RXD (yellow/5),RTS (Green/6).