Customized FTDI TTL-232R-5V-AJ USB to Serial TTL level converter cable

USB to TTL 5V converter cable with 6-Pin Header



USB to TTL 5V converter cable with 6-Pin Header

Product Description:

The FTDI cable is a USB to Serial (TTL level) converter which allows for a simple way to connect TTL interface devices to USB. The I/O pins of this FTDI cable are configured to operate at 5V.

The FTDI cable is designed around an FT232RL, which is housed in a USB A connector. The other side of the cable is terminated with a 0.1" pitch, 6-pin connector with the following pinout: RTS, RX, TX, 5V, CTS, GND (RTS is the green cable and GND is black).

This cable has the same pinout and functionality as our FTDI Basic Breakout board; you can use it to program your Arduino Pro, Pro Mini, and Lilypad.

Product Features:

1. Incorporates FTDI FT232RL chip set.

2. 6ft. long cable length.

3. USB 2.0 compliant enabling 300 baud up to 3M baud.

4. 6-pin header connector providing 5 volts of power.

5. Provides standard TTL pin out: GND (Blk/1), CTS (Brown/2), VCC(red/3), TXD (orange/4), RXD (yellow/5),RTS (Green/6).