PL2303 USB to UART TTL Cable
USB FTDI to RJ45 KPG-46 Cable for Kenwood TM and TK Radios

ftdi usb uart ttl to micro usb cable for smart phone



ftdi usb uart ttl to micro usb cable for smart phone

Product Description:

This USB TTL converter by Utech Cable is due to its wide temperature range most suitable for industrial applications. It supports virtual COM ports and enables optional a direct access to the interface. The converter is multifunctional compatible to the standard systems Windows, Linux, and MAC. It is suitable for Embedded systems, control systems, Field Programmable Gate Array, MCUs, dongles etc.

Product Features:

1)Connector: ftdi usb uart ttl to micro usb cable.

2).Pin assignment:

1. GND

2. CTS

3. VCC

4. TXD

5 .RXD

6. RTS

3) Chipset: FTDI 232RL

4) Cable Gauge: 26 AWG

5) Converter: 5 V / 15 mA (VCC, GND)

6) Compatible to UHCI / OHCI / EHCI controller

7) VTTL 5 V (data) / 4 mA or high level 12 mA

8) Flow control: software XON / XOFF or hardware RTS / CTS