FTDI Chip LED usb a to serial rs232 db9 uart adapter converter
USB 2.0 mini b usb to rs232 Android DB9 Driver Adapter Cable

ftdi industrial model usb 2.0 to serial rs232 adapter cable

Model No: YT-UD01(FTDI Industrial LED Screw Model)


ftdi industrial model usb 2.0 to serial rs232 adapter cable

Product Description:

This Utechcables USB to Serial converter is the perfect solution for transferring data from a PDA or digital camera. The USB to DB9 provides a connection between an available USB port and the more traditional RS-232 serial port found on many devices. This adapter is designed for connections to cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras, modems, or ISDN terminal adapters through your USB port. Simply plug your device into the adapter and the adapter into your PC or Mac. COM ports and Baud rates can be modified to desired set up.

Product Features:

1.Provides the connection between USB and the traditional RS-232 serial port.

2.Works with cellular phones, PDA, digital cameras, modems, and others.

3. Support RS232 serial port.

4. +/ -15kv anti-static protection.

5. USB power supply, no need to add power, suitable for industrial control applications.